Rock Radio, a Stopwatch, and Me

I had my first writing experience in 10th grade, a quasi-internship at WLIR-FM, a local rock radio station in Long Island,. WLIR and WBAB were the foundations of rock radio on the island. WLIR was the cool station. They played new music from the UK and songs you would never hear anywhere else. New York City radio had the major backing, but had to bend to corporate will. There was too much interference with the playlists. The radio jocks on WLIR played whatever they wanted. They were were cool souls, very accessible. I had phone conversations with most and held my own. I started hanging around the station. Opportunity knocked, and when they were looking for a few people to write public service announcements, I stepped up Scripting PSA’s is not as glamorous as you might think. I was shown to a closet sized space with a drab metal desk, given a stopwatch, and a bunch of news releases. It was my job to write PSA’s in 15, 30, 45, and 60 second increments. Anyone passing by in the hall would have smiled at my industrious efforts. I would recite the damn scripts repeatedly until the timings matched, depending on that stopwatch like a wanderer in the desert depends on her canteen. My status was kicked to the stratosphere when one of jocks read one of my scripts. I was almost famous, untouchable to the girls who used to shove me around the school halls. I liked that, almost as much as I liked being involved in the rock world. Soon, I joined the staff of the school newspaper and never looked back.

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Published by Abby F

Grad student @ Queens College (Library & Info Studies), non-practicing paralegal (for now), hubby & 2 cats, 60s rocker, former rock journalist/publicist/resuming writer, master of my corner of the universe.

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