Tag, You’re It (Another Plea For Help)

Now that we have tamed the putting a video on the blog entry beast, it’s time to tackle yet another monster. This one is not allowing me to add tags to my sidebar. I’d like to add a tag or three: Technorati, My Blog Log, and even a RSS feed.

My Widget Page doesn’t allow for such things. So, I deduce it’s because I’m not self hosting or because the widget wizard left town.

Same shout for help as before. Bring me my tags and widgets, please.


4 responses to “Tag, You’re It (Another Plea For Help)

  1. Ah, this I can’t help with at all, as I haven’t even attempted them. I reckon it’s time to trawl through the widgets and see how they work…

  2. Uh…thanks for stopping by, tho. 🙂

  3. Sorry, I do Blogger. No help here at all — but lots of encouragement for a new blog on books and writing!

    Georganna @ A Writer’s Edge

  4. Thanks Georganna, I managed to get my video attachment problems fixed. Now onto other fixits. Your blog is terrific.

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