YouTube & WordPress, Oh My (A Plea For Help)

A funny thing happened during my simple quest to add a YouTube video to one of my posts. It wouldn’t happen. After hours of fruitless attempts to fix (and helpful suggestions from fellow bloggers/YouTubers), I’m at a loss.   No help on WordPress or YouTube help pages, either. Anyone figure this out?

1.  I joined YouTube, selected a user name, confirmed the email address, and located the video I wanted to attach. (Yes, I’m signed in).

2. Selected the “post video” option, clicked to add my blog to video posting/clicked to add a blog-site.

3.  Selected WordPress as my blog service, added my user name and password, and waited.

4. YouTube gives me this message ” An error has occurred. Message: Unknown
Reason: <ProtocolError for 302 Moved Temporarily>”

Anyone have advice?  Thanks.

Published by Abby F

Grad student @ Queens College (Library & Info Studies), non-practicing paralegal (for now), hubby & 2 cats, 60s rocker, former rock journalist/publicist/resuming writer, master of my corner of the universe.

6 thoughts on “YouTube & WordPress, Oh My (A Plea For Help)

  1. I don’t know if it works the same for blogs, because I don’t have on, but what happens if you just copy the “Embed” information from the video clip you want to include? (You can find it on the right side when playing a video in youtube). You don#t even have to be a member to use that I think.

  2. I’ve never tried that. Whenever I use a video I copy and paste the stuff in the “embed” field and post it into the blog. I haven’t tried that with WordPress either, though.

  3. Hi there Walter. I looked away for 45 seconds and you stopped by. Tried to post on your blog, but can’t because I’m not a Y’hoo blogger. I presume that before you copied/pasted your first vid you had to join. then you had to add your blog. If not, and you are clicking the “post video” option, then I will eat my chair.

  4. A one hand clap for the nice passerby who nudged me towards the answer. The goal is reached; it’s Another Day and the blog entry is now complete.

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