Random Musings – About Me

Me and a Mystery Guest

Abby F. & Sidekick Sam

Now: I’ve returned to school, grad school at Queens College, for a degree in Library & Information Studies; completed the paralegal program there, last year.  The urge to be creative prods me to take up writing for publication, again.  This time, I can handle a myriad of topics; the top 10 list includes music and culture, cats, librarianship, and the law & the paralegal perspective.  Love my family (hubby, mom, the cats, and non-annoying relatives).  I’m a non-violent supporter of humane treatment of animal and master of my corner of the universe.

Then: Nothing finer than the British pop and the hard rock music playing on the radio. Enthusiastic youth acquires an impressive knowledge of those who make the music and those who play it on the radio.  My enthusiasm fuels the desire to join the biz.  When the moon was in the right house, I sought out a number of jobs, some call them unpaid internships, in music related situations. Diverse opportunities in radio: I scripted public service announcements for on-air broadcasts, assisted with a ton of paperwork during one station’s application for FCC license renewal, chatted in front of an open mic and announced records, read the news, and wrote news stories for broadcast. Writing was the key. Started with the tiny local mags and didn’t look back.  My interviews, features, profiles, and reviews landed in publications with bigger and bigger circulations.  The climb up the ladder stopped.  Fear of success crashed through the front door and became my roommate. Time for change.

4 thoughts on “Random Musings – About Me

  1. Yes, it is time for change and with your excellent gift for writing and all of your super expertise I can’t wait until your book comes out. A collection of your musings , esp. music.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Very nice site….very nice. I enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to reading more. I’ll definitely be on the waiting list for your book. How cool!

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